Thursday, May 22, 2008

Moonlight Princess

(Painting by Kathie 1999 Acrylic on canvas)

Moonlight Princess

She peeps around the corner as the moon reaches its full height,
A strange tingling now posses her as her eyes drink in the sight,
The bluish glow it beckons her, the field is coaxing sweet,
with a glance to see that she’s alone, she rushes out and greets it.
A magic world it is to her, by virtue of the moon’s transforming power,
Everything glows mysteriously; every leaf, every stone, every flower.
She know with every trembling limb who she is and what she’s here for,
With a leap, a twirl and then a bob, she dances on the grassy floor.
The little princess of the night is calling to the stars
She dances with the wafting clouds, with Venus, Moon, and Mars.
The breeze soon joins the graceful dance, cavorting on the lawn,
It bends the trees and tossed leaves and whispers to a fawn.
The little fawn trembles too, basking in the Moon’s light,
and then as if beyond control its heels kick with delight!
Soon a rabbit joins in frisking; in unity they pirouette,
If the moon stayed up forever, they’d probably be there yet.
But fingers of sunlight soon start reaching
To draw back the curtain of the nighttime sky,
So rabbit, fawn and princess, must bid the moon good-bye.
As each one takes a final leap, a pirouette, plee or bow,
The day bursts full upon them; the moonlight—gone for now.
Yet they will wait most eagerly and mark each day, it’s true,
‘till 28 have come and gone and the Moon is at its full,
Then out in the field the rabbit will come, out of the woods, the fawn,
And out of the house the Moonlight Princess,
All to dance upon the lawn.
~Kathie Adams Brown (November 11, 1984)

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  1. Another great moment.

  2. Oh, that is stunning!

    (I see you write poetry. Please visit us at One Single Impression for our Sunday a.m. poetry prompts!

  3. Kathie: Very nicely done, wonderful moonlight.

  4. Artistic Sky Watch.
    Beautiful painting.
    Lovely blue colours.
    Blue is my favourite! :)

  5. I am 'over the moon' by both words and picture... this post just took Sky Watch to another level... thank you.

  6. Excellent job! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. . . You are getting better everyday.

  7. Aaaaaaaahhhh!!! You paint! I am filled with delight and YES! YES! I want to dance with you! I will have to don a robe, though. You don't want to see through my nightie, trust me. Wouldn't it be so lovely to be this carefree and innocent and oh-so-very happy. :) Thank you so much for sharing it with me! The next time I see the moon full, I will do a little pirouette and think of you. xoxo

  8. Bella, I do paint, but I have not for a long time. We keep on moving and I keep on birding and it never seems to happen any more. It would help if I had a place to set up my art stuff without having to take it down to use the table! I am so glad this made you smile and I do hope you will dance in the moonlight with me!


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